Sarah A. Bradford

In Dialogue graduate publication


In Dialogue graduate publication

Created for Pratt Institute's GradComD program in collaboration with Level Design Group


In Dialogue is the second limited edition publication of its kind produced by Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communications Department.


Context & Considerations

In Dialogue provides an alternative to the typical design school catalog; more student-led, more personal, and therefore far more indicative of the GradComD environment and experience.

Dialogue is central to a GradComD student’s education and thus it is the central concept around which this publication was constructed. The book contains conversations between current students, interviews with faculty, and longer roundtable discussions with a variety of opinionated people affiliated with our program. The concept of dialogue is not restricted to words; we investigated the relationship of visual elements, a dialogue between forms, and the more conceptual dialogue between design theory and practice. The book is organized so that even its structure creates a sort of dialogue with its reader.


The Team

This project was designed in collaboration with fellow Pratt GradComD students: Kristen Myers, Eduardo Palma, and Rob Wilson. The book team worked collaboratively on concept, design, interviews, content development, editing, and original photography. Creative direction was provided by Jennifer Bernstein, Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt GradComD and Principal, Level Design Group.