Sarah A. Bradford
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Motion for MoMA's Abstract Generation exhibition


Motion for MoMA's Abstract Generation exhibition

Graduate Motion Project, Pratt Institute


This graduate project uses original images and footage to promote Charline von Heyl's work as part of MoMA's Abstract Generation exhibition.


Context & Considerations

MoMA's Abstract Generation exhibition featured work from prints, artists' books, and multiples from the Museum's collection. In creating a promotional piece to highlight the work of Charline von Heyl, I wanted to capture the eccentric nature of her work, but also include the process by which she created these pieces.


Creating Images & Footage

In creating footage for this piece, I used many of the same handmade processes that von Heyl was likely to use in her work—incorporating india ink for text, using a carved linoleum block for printing geometric shapes, and employing masking tape to create lines and patterns.


About Charline von Heyl's Work

"These works represent von Heyl's first experiment with printmaking. She had not only tried her hand at a dizzying variety of techniques—lithography, screenprint, woodcut, and digital printing—but has also combined them in playful, unconventional ways, juxtaposing layers and motifs as she has done in her paintings."

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Images courtesy of MoMA's online collection